Guide to ESG investing

Investing for the future has taken on new meaning in a world of climate emergency, health crisis and awareness of how our actions might affect current and future generations. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns now underpin many investment strategies, to minimise harm to the world and its people while also generating returns.

Profits in polluting sectors and companies reliant on weak labour practices are at risk from greater regulation, making them less attractive in the longer term. ESG investing aims to future-proof portfolios by backing solutions to finite resources and universal human rights. But navigating these noble aims can be tricky for investors confused by jargon and junk messaging about supposedly ethical credentials. 

The Financial Planning Journey

  • What can Financial Planning do for you?
  • What does a Financial Adviser do?
  • The Financial Planning process
  • Focusing on investment planning
  • Can I do it myself?

Caught in the Pension Tax Trap?

Increasing numbers of people are facing substantial tax penalties on their pensions, sometimes unexpectedly. Are you at risk of an unwelcome surprise?


Tax and national insurance contribution reliefs for pensions cost £53.7bn in 2017/18, according to statistics issued by HMRC in September 2019. It is little wonder therefore that successive Chancellors have attempted to cut back on the government’s generosity.

If I need care, will I have to sell my house?

Funding care for the elderly has been a political hot potato for a long time. A series of policy initiatives, reviews and reports have come and gone with little alteration to what is a flawed and inadequate system. One of the most controversial aspects is whether those needing care will be forced to sell their home. For many the family home is the most valuable thing they will ever own. Having worked to pay off their mortgage, many see bricks and mortar as the ultimate asset - to be handed on to the next generation. Care costs can jeopardise this, with years of very large fees.

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