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Autumn Statement 2016 - File Download
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Brexit: now what?


The outcome of the Referendum confounded the predictions of the opinion polls, the bookies and the markets. All three ended the working day on 23 June with the assumption that the Remain side would win, albeit by a small margin.

That consensus is one reason why the markets moved so sharply when the results emerged. Initial falls in the pound and the world stock markets were a knee-jerk reaction of a near instantaneous change of view. The resignation of the Prime Minister merely added to the short term concerns, even though it was always likely soon after a Leave vote.

Pause and take stock

At such times, it is worth pausing for breath before taking any precipitous action. History suggests that trying to exploit the unavoidable turbulence carries considerable risks. As the Governor of the Bank of England said in his statement on 24 June:

“Inevitably, there will be a period of uncertainty and adjustment following this result.

There will be no initial change in the way our people can travel, in the way our goods can move or the way our services can be sold.

And it will take some time for the United Kingdom to establish new relationships with Europe and the rest of the world.”

The next few days and weeks will see sharp market movements, probably in both directions, as the markets find a new equilibrium. Those are conditions traders will attempt to exploit, but for long term investors a wait-and-see approach will generally make more sense.

If you have any concerns around your investments or other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.



Spring Budget 2016 - Interactive Brochure

Report on the Chancellor's March 2016 Budget, including Lifetime ISAs, changes to taxes for small businesses and Capital Gains Tax.

March 2016 Budget Report - File Download
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Autumn Statement 2015 - File download
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July Budget 2015 Report - File Download
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Older Reports

Spring Budget 2015 Report - File Download
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Autumn Statement 2014 Report - File Download
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Detailed Analysis of Budget March 2014
A detailed report on the changes which have direct relevance to the arena of Financial Planning
2014 Budget Report from MedicsWealth.pdf
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One Page Budget Guide: March 2014
Illustrated guide to key Budget announcements over just one page
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Autumn Statement Report: December 2013
Autumn Statement 2013.pdf
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Autumn 2013 Newsletter
The reducing Pensions Lifetime Allowance, timing investing (and selling) more effectively, bank account switching and pension fund charge concerns.
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September-October Bulletin
eMoney Sep_Oct_2013.pdf
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Some investors may have had a roller-coaster ride in recent years. A market fall can happen at any time. In years past, they’ve been triggered by natural disasters, oil price spikes, wars, bank collapses – and now there’s the eurozone debt crisis. The reality is that market swings happen often, and when they do, it can be unsettling for many investors. On page 8 we look at how you can reduce the peaks and troughs of investing.

The diagnosis of a serious illness can mean a very difficult time for your health and your wealth. On page 14 we look at how critical illness cover can provide vital financial security when you need it most. Most homebuyers purchase life assurance when they arrange a mortgage, but overlook critical illness cover, another form of financial protection that we are statistically more likely to need before reaching retirement.

On page 12 we also examine why tying the knot can bring financial advantages to the relationship. Tax and pensions are probably the least romantic reasons for getting married, but we consider four ways to benefit from your marital status.


July-August Bulletin
eMoney Jul_Aug_2013.pdf
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There is a plethora of different ways to save for your future, including pensions, investments and property, but if you want to be in total control of your retirement planning and have access to a wide choice of investment options, a SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) could be the right solution for you. Read the full article
on page 19.

Investors with longer-term investment objectives often have requirements for regular income and capital growth. The right mix of income and capital growth may depend on whether you need immediate access to your money or you prefer to draw an income and grow your investments over time. On page 20 we look at why income assets play an important role in investment portfolios.

On page 08 we examine new research that shows that over half (52 per cent) of the UK population with at least one wage earner in the household are reliant on a single income in order to make ends meet for their family. With 15 million UK adults currently failing to save, and a further one in five Britons who expect their financial priorities to change concerned about their job security, families could be risking their livelihood by failing to protect themselves financially.



May-June Bulletin
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March-April Bulletin
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January-February 2013 Bulletin
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